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marilyn june coffey

TPJH 3D.png
That Punk Jimmy Hoffa!
Coffey's Transfer at War with the Teamsters
TRASL 3D.png
Thieves, Rascals, and Sore Losers
The Unsettling History of the Dirty Deals that Helped Settle Nebraska
MOK 3D.png
Mail-Order Kid
An Orphan Train Rider's Story
JJ&JB 3D.png
JackJack & JuneBug
A Love Song in Poems and Posts
ALOS 3D.png
A Line of Shorts
Breezy Stories & Holy Satires
AGS 3D.png
Aunt Gussie's Socks
A Memoir in Fact and Fiction
Marcella 3D.png
40th Anniversary Edition
Pricksongs 3D.png
Mas-tur-ba-tion 3D.png
GPP 3D.png
great plains patchwork
a memoir
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TBOO 3D.png
the Battle of orleans
An illustrated documentary of the marcella marathon
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Cretan Cycle 3D.png
a cretan cycle
fragments unearthed from knossos
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