Tart Poems from the Sixties

                           “Spectacular! Ohhhh so sweet!” 

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Marilyn Coffey in her libidinous book, Pricksongs, recreates her youthful freedom from sexual taboos. Her steamy poems are as crazy, diverse, risqué, and turbulent as The Sixties, when she wrote them.

he was slight of
build and/liked to 
have his ear bitten

“Make Love, Not War” advised the slogan, and she did.

when you strummed me 
like a bass viol 
in the bathtub?

Some funny, some passionate, some provocative, Coffey’s poems will sweep you back to a decade when gaudily painted Flower Power buses roamed the streets, when mini skirts, bell-bottoms, and love beads adorned bodies, and when The Pill and sexual liberation were new.

Marilyn June